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AWAY DAYS LA premiere exclusive coverage.

Snoop was there, Marc Johnson and Daewon Song are now on Adidas, Mike Carroll is pissed, and Away Days is a sick for being an international sportswear company video. What’s more important is that Adidas poured copious amounts of alcohol down our throats … Continue reading

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Raw footage from Medellín.

Raw clips have been around about as long as skateboarding has been on the internet. They’re always fun to watch because unlike your typical skate porn with back to back clips over some music, they offer a glimpse into what it’s … Continue reading

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“I can’t even kick it with these broke boys”

Where The Fuks Bae, the hardest working iPhone video production company in skateboarding, dropped another edit featuring more bone structure than an episode of grey’s anatomy. It’s a farewell clip for our beloved former co-worker Teddy Seeley, who left the skate shop for … Continue reading

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JUMP IS LIKE STAIRS–exclusive coverage of street league Chicago.

Once upon a time at the 2015 street league championship in Chicago, Announcer Brian Schaefer said to a little boy who was offered a prize if he were to land a 360 flip in front of thousands of spectators, “Where are you from?” And when … Continue reading

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Kind of skateboarding in La Paz.

The first week of our Mexico trip consisted mostly of driving 50 mph for a thousand miles through the deserted Baja Peninsula, stopping at taquerías or slightly racist Chinese restaurants, and camping in some secluded bay along the Sea of Cortés every … Continue reading

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Life on the road Mexico update.

There’s an old saying among sailors that for everyday you’re at sea, the boat gets one foot smaller. The same goes for the Unimog, and our friends at Filmmaker for a Cause have been at sea for three years. It’s … Continue reading

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Mexico vacation with Filmmaker for a Cause.

We Are Blood premiere San Diego. Before driving into Mexico, Shitfoot correspondents flew out to San Diego for the premiere of Ty Evans’ new blockbuster skate film, We Are Blood. I know what you’re thinking, “…but they didn’t have a … Continue reading

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