Raw footage from Medellín.

Raw clips have been around about as long as skateboarding has been on the internet. They’re always fun to watch because unlike your typical skate porn with back to back clips over some music, they offer a glimpse into what it’s actually like to skate around a foreign city.

Medellín, Colombia is one of the most hectic cities to skate in; you’re always dodging cars, buses, cracks and crack heads. That’s also why it’s one of the funnest cities to skate. The constant sensory overload makes 5th ave Manhattan feel relaxing on a Monday. Local Medellín video magazine, Brutal, started a raw series of their own that gives you an idea of what it’s like to push around the city of eternal spring.


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One Response to Raw footage from Medellín.

  1. Alejandro Gallego says:

    Thank you for sharing the video.


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