Mexico vacation with Filmmaker for a Cause.

We Are Blood premiere San Diego.

Before driving into Mexico, Shitfoot correspondents flew out to San Diego for the premiere of Ty Evans’ new blockbuster skate film, We Are Blood. I know what you’re thinking, “…but they didn’t have a San Diego premiere for We Are Blood.” No they didn’t, but we downloaded the 4K skate film from Amazon or whatever and watched the two-hour long Mountain Dew commercial in the production studio mounted on the bed of a German military truck, the Mercedes Unimog.

The Unimog hauls around an arsenal of cameras including a RED, some other 4K cameras, and some drones for those fly-by shots of skating on helicopter pads, so regardless it felt like we were on a skate trip with Ty. But the real reason we’re out here is to see first hand what’s it’s like traveling the world with a few cinematographers and a dog who are doing good things for humanity while we try to skate and eat tacos.

Deported from Mexico.

It’s not surprising that our 11.6-foot tall German military truck painted in dark tactical grey got “anonymously” searched at the San Ysidro/Tijuana border. El Jefe wasn’t buying that the Unimog is just an “RV” and that we were only heading to Ensanada for vacation.

As soon as we were sent back we were on our way to the next border crossing at Tecate, the same Tecate where our favorite Mexican beer is made. Passing through Tecate was smooth, and the Jefe there only pocketed 25 dollars from us for our FMM visas (It only costs 20, but el Jefe clearly didn’t give a fuck so we weren’t going to ask questions). After a few fish tacos and cokes, we made our way to our first camp just outside of Ensanada.

It just so happened that our camp was directly across the street from a DIY park built in the median of the highway.


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