Life on the road Mexico update.

There’s an old saying among sailors that for everyday you’re at sea, the boat gets one foot smaller. The same goes for the Unimog, and our friends at Filmmaker for a Cause have been at sea for three years. It’s like traveling with a married couple of fifteen years when it should have been a one-night stand. On one side of me there’s Randall, a well-educated middle-aged man with a whole lot of life experience, common sense and optimism and who’s always the one driving, while to my right there’s a 22-year-old entitled pessimistic white boy from the suburbs (including myself), and on my lap is a panting dog whose paws constantly dig into my sun-burnt kneecaps. Not to mention, there’s no AC and the cab isn’t insulated from the heat of the engine. Regardless, they still work together to stay on the road and work indefinitely to continue making a difference in the world.

As skateboarders, it’s not often we find ourselves in a place where if you were to step out of your car, pick any direction and just walk, you would die. That’s where we were–a single desolate road that winds through mountainous desert as far as the eye can see across the Baha Peninsula–when Randall noticed something weird and something told him to stop the Mog. He walked around the truck and came back and said, “Pat, shut the car off. We have a problem.” It turns out the wheel was just seconds away from peeling off the truck, which certainly would have killed us if we waited a minute later as we were coming up to another treacherous bend in the road. Find out exactly what happened to the Mog here.

After we put the spare on, Pat accidentally ripped a hole in the air compressor tube that we needed to tighten the lug nuts as well as fill the rest of the tire.


But luckily these dudes know every nut and bolt on this truck, and have planned for every worst-case scenario imaginable, so we patched the tube with some sealing tape, and finished replacing the 300-pound tire with the spare. In case you ever have to replace a 300-pound tire, use a shovel to prop it up and then wiggle it on. There you go, you learn something new everyday.

Before nightfall we made it to Bahía de los Angeles, where we would swim with turtles and watch dolphins and manna ray jump out of the water and snorkel and fend off packs of coyotes in the night with machetes, among other things you would normally do on a core skate trip. After that long day driving through the desert in the Mog, a short stay at Bahía de los Angeles was well deserved, so we could focus and gets lots of work done ;)


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