Compass raw files.

Maxwell over at Compass headquarters put together a bunch of iPhone clips from our latest trip to New York this spring. “Some skateboarding, some bums having seizures, some selfie sticks, some Upstate mountain climbing, some of @mcmantits_ auditioning for Snapchat, some #JerryMraz, some @caddowski , some , some cellar door spots, some jazz. Just a normal week in the city.” Not mentioned above, captain hindsight gives us a quick tutorial on how to get dog shit off your grip tape.

In other news, the apartment banks on Jefferson and Oakes have been updated with yellow poles to try and put an end to one of our best wall ride spots. Little do they know they actually made the spot better, because now you either have to go higher or hippie jump mid wall ride, plus the poles make it look a little more urban/raw philly.


There are now two benches at the Cherry Park TF since it was recently discovered the chain had been cut loose from the other, much less worn out bench in the playground.


And, Grand Rapids is finally getting a skate park. It’s in a random neighborhood on Straight St. just south of Fulton on the west side. It’s getting built by Spohn Ranch, the same people that built the new Holland parks. Even though it’s only about four square feet, the brick bank and curved manual pad ledge will be worth the rough push over to the west side. Plus on every corner near the park, there’s either a bodega, a Little Caesars or a bar.  image2

More importantly there is a basketball court right next to it. #ballislife.image1-2

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