Shitfoot competition team goes to adidas skate copa.

Shitfoot correspondents traveled to Louisville, KY last Saturday to compete in the Adidas Skate Copa Midwest regional contest. However, they also celebrated the recent passing of the same-sex marriage ruling that swept the nation on Friday night, which may or may not have affected their performance on Saturday afternoon.

Members of the Premier/WTFB® A-Team were delighted to find that Louisville bars don’t close until 4 AM as opposed to the 2 o’clock last call back in Michigan, and that the gay bars were free as a shout out to Supreme Court for the ruling. Apparently some counties in the KY state are still a little salty about the Court’s orders.

The blazing sun and moist Kentucky air didn’t help matters, and the portion of the “Louisville Extreme Park” Adidas chose for the contest was essentially downhill, which made it extremely easy to run out of breath after one minute of going down on the street section and skating back up to get another run for the remaining five minutes of the 4 man jam session.

Premier/WTFB couldn’t uphold their second place victory from last year in Chicago, while 3rd Lair took home their second consecutive win. Judging by their street league-like consistency, it seems they probably skate, sleep and eat dog food day in and day out at their indoor training facility in Minneapolis. Or they just don’t like to party gay.

As far as contests go, the Adidas Skate Copa is actually bearable, but mainly because Tim O’Connor is the MC, blessing the crowd with statements such as, “There goes that benihana nobody wanted to see!” and “Here comes fire crotch…Oh wait he’s Jewish, I can’t talk about fire.” One team’s run was even announced entirely as a runway show due to the unnecessary amount of sunglasses and board shorts in their line-up. But of course, as skateboarding usually goes, everyone is hated on equally and no one is safe from shittalk.

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