Exclusive interview with WTFB Founder and CEO Fausto Fernandez.

Where The Fuks Bae® just dropped yet another one of the best videos to come out of West Michigan in recent years–this one filmed entirely at Grand Rapids’ original training facility, Cherry Park.

When the shop was located on Cherry for the first few years, the fairly smooth basketball court and butter bench served as the perfect warm up spot. Now the ground is a little rougher and most of the bench has melted away into the trucks of those who passed through the TF over the last decade.

There are also less stabbings and shootings in the park as the surrounding area has been gentrified and turned into a hipster neighborhood with #foodie attractions like sushi restaurants and breweries, and not to mention the ice cream parlor conveniently located next to the spot.

In light of the resurrection of the TF, Shitfoot sat down with Fausto for an exclusive interview to talk about WTFB and the creative genius behind its edits.

Shitfoot Staff: What is WTFB® and how did it come about?

Fausto: “Where The Fuks Bae!?”, it’s basically a collective of homies that try to skate the streets and freak in the sheets, we just skateboard and try to get pussy. But how did it come about? Shit man, back before WTFB Vol. 1 I would just fuck around on drunkin’ nights and film the homies wildin’ out. Eventually I had stacks of what I thought was useless iphone footage but layed out on my imovie timeline it turned into grand rapids cinema gold.

S: You film all of your videos on your phone–so are you strictly HD or do you ever plan on moving up to a VX?

F: Personally, I’m more of a VX guy. I don’t fuck with HD, but I can’t really afford either. I guess the next best option would be one of those flip cams or gopros but those don’t have tinder so thats an immediate no no.

S: You’re from Holland and you moved to Grand Rapids, and it seems like we’ve always been close with our dutch neighbors. What’s the scene like out there compared to Grand Rapids?

F: Holland is sick because of all the day one homies. They’ve taught me everything I know–“Hunnids n Fiddys big ass tittys, Count the green get in between… those tittys.” Holland is a small town, everyone knows everyone and everyone fucks everyone. As for skateboarding there goes, I’ve pretty much done every trick at every spot. There was nothing left for me to do except move to Grand Rapids and continue my spot rape extravaganza.

S: What brought you here instead of, say, New York?

F: New york is definitely on the list of cities for me to take over, but not quite yet. I figured I’d build up the WTFB empire here in the mean streets of the rue with all my real ones first.

S: Any good stories from the old Holland park?

F: Haha, damn theres so many. Almost all of them include some sort of fight due to the love hate relationship with the christian college directly across the street. Well actually it was an all hate relationship. This one summer a group of the college kids decided to start throwing water balloons off of the roof at us. A group of maybe 10 of us barged across the street and into the building to try to find the culprits. When we couldn’t find them we all retreated back to the park. No more than 10 minutes go by 3 suspect looking frat bros walk by and decided to whip a water bottle towards us, we all bolt at them, chase them across the street and right when they thought they were “safe” they stopped and turned around and right as they did that my homie full sprint superman punches the fuck out of one of the bros and strait up broke his jaw.

S: You used to be pretty thick when you lived out there, what happened? Now you’re a gorgeous Cuban missile.

F: Aw, you’re too sweet. It was probably a mixture of all the hard drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes that my doctor prescribed for me. Did I mention I got my MD degree last year?

S: I noticed you only ever go for rich white girls.

F: This is only by coincidence, I’m not saying that fine women and money don’t turn me on though. For some reason rich white girls are just drawn to me. I think its because my instagram is so well kept and hip.


S: The music selection for your videos feels similar to the soundtrack of a Bronze video–a series of songs, usually cut short, that aren’t mainstream but definitely still go. Is that where you get the inspiration for your editing style?

F: For sure, Peter Sidlauskas has been a huge inspiration for me, as well as Johnny Wilson, and Jeremy Elkin. They’re able to capture the raw shit while keeping it fun, they bring so much emotion out of me. One minute I’m hyped, then BANG I’m sad, then before you know it I’m gay.

S: What is the future of WTFB?

F: We’re taking it to the top. Basically, I’m gonna run WTFB just like how 50 Cent did in that song “How to rob.” He disses every rapper in the game to make it to the top. I swear I’m gonna start taking heads off, I’m going to start beef with everyone. You gotta fake it ’til you make it.

S: Any parting words for those in search of bae?

F: If I catch you on my block with any of my bae prospects you better start runnin’ cuz I’m comin’ for your heads too. Fuck bois have no place in WTFB so you better take them jogger pants off and get wit it. Where The Fuks Bae out.

Editor’s Note: There has never been a need to build anything at the TF–just some flat ground and a bench is all we need for a good session with the homies. There has been talk of trying to build a ledge, but considering people actually use both the basketball and tennis courts, a DIY would only draw attention from the city as well as skate tourists, and could possibly ruin the otherwise chill spot. That’s what Clemente is for.

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