Working at a boutique skate shop is exactly what you’d expect.

I always dreamed of working at a skate shop because I wanted to be a sort of mentor for kids like myself. I guess I also didn’t want to set goals that were too far out of my reach. So far I’ve been successful.

I (as well as half the skate scene in Grand Rapids) have been working at Premier for the past five years, and aside from the occasional days where we have to box and ship thousands of pairs of Nike SBs, it’s everything I imagined it would be–teaching kids how to grip boards, giving them shit for pushing mongo, or welcoming them to a pitiful salsa dance party among other activities.

Even though the shop isn’t as “core” is it was when I first started going there, the people that run the place still are. Behind the counter and behind that wall covered in Swoosh™, there are real skateboarders who care about the scene in Grand Rapids, and are planning to go skate almost every day after work (except for Abraham, but everything he does is just amazing). Just not EveryDamnDay™ because although we can thank Nike for the majority of our paychecks, sometimes we still have grown-up shit to do.

Down at corporate, we’ve always joked about starting a reality show because our work environment is fairly unrealistic. After getting in a ridiculous argument over whether or not the display cases look better with the plastic doors on or off, I finally decided to start filming some of the random shit we do throughout the day. Some of the clips happened almost completely naturally, and others we obviously had to incorporate some of our acting genius.

We think we’re funny, but chances are nobody on the outside gets it. If you don’t, that’s ok–we didn’t make this for you. Just don’t be surprised to find me giggling in the background as I film. In fact, I could probably think of a at least twenty things you could do in the next ten minutes that would be a better use of your time. But hopefully you’ll enjoy this pilot episode (and possibly the final episode) of The Premier World, bringing you behind the scenes of what it takes to get your orders shipped out the very same day.

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